"Well you finally got me." I smiled. "I'm ok with it as long as you always show people the original photo of me the way I posed. I'm not sure why but I need you to promise that."
Perfectionest me - I thought the athletes would have been on sand and not in the long grass because they would need a line from which to throw and I figured it would be in Olympia and not in Athens where the Parthenon stands.
Not to mention that my hairstyle was probably way out of line.
I congratulated myself on not blurting that out. Normally I tend to put my mouth in motion before my mind is in gear.
She promised and later when I got to see the real painting she had framed it and stuck a copy of the photo on the back of the frame.


Emily was kind enough to give me the negatives of these photos and I have treasured ( hidden ) them ever since.